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Holistic Counselling Services

Are you overwhelmed from a past experience?

Does constant worry keep you up at night? Do you feel stuck and unable to make the change you would like? Taking the first step and reaching out for help is a courageous act and shows strength.

We are here to help.

Our goal is to offer our clients a safe, healing, supportive and collaborative space. Where personal growth, learning and healing is possible.

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Founder & Counsellor of MindFul Space Counselling

Loren is inspired by diversity. With her warm approachable style she brings a passion for helping individuals, couples and families move towards greater happiness & fulfillment.

By your side.

As a counsellor, Loren's single goal is to provide a healing relationship to her clients.

About Loren

Counselling Services

Individual Counselling

Loren focuses on the expansion of awareness as an important tool of empowerment. She supports her clients to come to their senses, emotions and thoughts in ways that ultimately enable them to live in the present, connected to their authentic, unique potentials.

Loren works with individuals wanting to expand their levels of comfort, enjoyment, connection and creativity. Some of the areas Loren has experience working with are:
  • Life transitions
  • Stress & related illnesses
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief, loss, separation
  • Addictive behaviours
  • Sexual abuse
  • Low self esteem

Relationship Counselling

Intimate relationships provide an environment where we can have safety, security and peace. In this environment there are so many opportunities open to us, some are listed below: 
  • Giving and receiving love
  • Consciously creating a life together 
  • Support to develop and grow as an individual
  • Accountability partners
  • Healing past hurts
  • Sharing celebrations
  • Openness around differences
  • A collaborate space
  • Witnesses to each’s life and shared experiences
  • A place where we can be honest and accepted
  • To be really understood and known by another
Often these opportunities are never realized or thoroughly explored. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. Unresolved conflict, blaming, criticizing, the silent treatment and little safety are some of the big contributors.
In relationship counselling you have the opportunity to explore what is not working. To gain greater insight into the dynamics that keep things the same and how to implement positive change.
Taking the first step to reach out for help is a big deal and needs courage. Change happens when we go outside our comfort zone.
Relationship Counselling includes premarital and marital/intimate couples counselling, friendships and work colleagues. Loren also works with those who wish to strengthen and expand the levels of connections and fulfillment in their relationships and to change counter productive ways of relating.

Family Counselling

A healthy functioning family can reap great rewards – for a lifetime. Loren is passionate about supporting families through the complexities of life by helping to build strong, healthy functioning ways of communicating and relating to one another. In her work she looks at identifying counter productive ways of relating and how to overcome challenges and heal hurts. Loren is continually inspired by the unique strengths and diversity each family brings. Her aim is to help strengthen what is working and help change what is not. In a straight forward caring and open space.

Family Planning

The decision to start a family can be one of the most rewarding decision one makes.

It can also be a time of uncertainty.

Going between periods of joy & elation to doubt, fear & worry is a common experience for many parents and parents to be.

In the family counselling sessions we work to support you through this process.


Pregnancy Counselling

Being part of the miracle of life is what a women experiences during the time she holds, carries and nurtures a baby within her womb. The mystery and sacredness of what is happening within can be so beautiful but also stir up many emotions.

That is why Loren believes emotional & mental support through pregnancy is so important.

Supporting women through pregnancy will help relieve fears, bring clarity, process & release emotion.

The tools & techniques learnt will set an optimal environment for one to enter the birthing process and parenthood.

NEW! - How to: Mentally Prepare for Birth - Online Course
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Renew your energy. Bring peace and balance. Calm the mind and help with sleep. These are some of the benefits one can expect from a Reiki Session.  Reiki is the directing of loving energy from one being too another.

A loving environment is the optimal place for any human to heal, grow and be. Sadly in life we are not always surrounded by loving energy.

Booking a Reiki treatment is the ultimate way to give yourself a concentrated dose of loving energy.

As radio and television waves can be sent over distances, so can Reiki. Feeling the healing effects of Reiki from the comfort and safety of your home has many positive benefits and can be crucial for those who are physically ill and unable to move around easily. Distance reiki is a way to bring this healing energy to the person in need without any need for physical transportation. For more information on the process I am offering Free 20 minute distant reiki consultations done over the telephone or online.

Give yourself the gift of Reiki today.


Loren is gentle and caring and wonderful at helping you gain awareness and overcome stress, or whatever you need to let go.


When I received a Reiki session from Loren, I received more than a healing. This woman showed me new doors and a clear mirror to look into. I was travelling and doing what I loved, it was a happy time of my life. During my session, Loren read something deeper and brought it to my attention. Like a true friend,this woman I had just met, allowed me to see and decide to let go of this old pain,no longer useful in my life. Also I am forever grateful for the very practical advice I received to open space in my yoga classes and she also inspired me that Reiki is a practice I could connect with. Thank you Loren.


There are few Reiki practitioners that I have experienced that soon as you feel their hands hovering you feel energy coming through them in a palpable manner. Loren’s energy was focused, jovial and instantly relaxed me allowing me to sleep and receive without any resistance, mind chatter or worry on my part. My hip pain has stopped and I’ve not needed another treatment since. I like it when it works simply and quickly. I highly recommend energy medicine from gifted practitioners like Loren any and every day.

PRCo Founder, Goddess University

I have not always been able to work through life’s challenges thanks to my own monkey brain and when I’ve needed help processing I have reached out to Loren for her guidance and support. I am always put at ease with her kind gentle nature and ability to connect regardless of how troubling things may feel for me. I was especially thankful for her introducing me to her reiki practice at Thuja Wellness Studio. I find that sometimes even if my mind is at rest that my body holds stress & can’t release it. Through her reiki practice Loren was able to locate areas where my body was holding stress and without touch enable a release for me to feel more relaxed and at ease translating into positive outcomes in all areas of my life. I could not recommend Loren more highly.


Loren is nurturing, insightful and exceptionally gentle. After each conversation I have with her I’ve felt lighter and relieved. She has a natural presence that softly offers observations that open doors to dark, deep crevices that I didn’t even know were there. She shines a light through these doors and enters them with me so I don’t feel afraid or alone. She empowers me to discover my own solutions and has offered some very powerful exercises to reinforce my learning. Loren’s professionalism and mind/body blend in her work has absolutely transformed my growth path and helped me expand as a woman and as a coach. Thank you Loren, I’m so grateful for your gifts and I am so honored to refer my dearest friends to you.


Loren is an incredible counselor and I highly, highly recommend her. Working with her has guided me to a more heart-centered, calm and confident way of being. She is an amazing woman of strength, honesty and unwavering presence. I trust Loren with my whole heart and I feel completely safe with her. I am so grateful for everything she has taught me, for the endless loving support, and for her reminders of my accomplishments and achievements worth celebrating.


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- Sending much love, Loren.

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