It is courageous to open up and reach out for help. It’s an act of strength to take steps to better yourself when you are not feeling you’re best.

Prior To Our First Session

Looking into whether you have the space or time to dedicate to this process is helpful prior to starting.

How long does the process take?

Research has shown 8 – 10 sessions produce significant results. In saying that with all therapy it is very individual and this would be something we would discuss in person with you.


In this time I can answer any questions you might have about therapy. We will discuss your unique situation and what you are hoping to achieve. I will share some options moving forward and a little about how I work. This is also an opportunity for you to ascertain whether you feel comfortable with me. Having that level of comfort is extremely important to the success of a therapeutic relationship.

The First Session

In our first session we will go over the consent documents and then start our work together.

The Benefits of Therapy

Therapy can help gain new understanding of problems and problem situations. It is a place one can learn new ways of coping with and solving issues. Therapy can support people to develop new skills and to change behaviour patterns. Therapy can contribute to improved ability to cope with stress and difficult situations. Therapy can support us to reconnect with and claim aspects of ourselves that we previously lacked the resources to explore or acknowledge. It can help move one into greater comfort within oneself and with others.

The Risks of Therapy

It takes courage to turn around and face ourselves. During therapy, emotions and memories may be stimulated which could evoke strong feelings. Changes in awareness may alter self-perceptions and ways of relating to others. This process of personal change can be quite varied and individual. Sometimes “things seem to get worse before they get better”. Therapy is a process which does not always support the “status quo”.

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- Sending much love, Loren.

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